The amicable receivable recovery activity is carried out taking into consideration all necessary measures (operations and procedures) in accordance with the regulations in force, as well as the interests and instructions given by the Client transferor.

Amicable collection represents a debt recovery process using various means of communication to contact the debtor, aimed at addressing the situation in a mutually established manner, eliminating as much as possible the increase of the additional costs.

Getback Recovery’s working procedure considers the following aspects:

  • Account prioritisation
  • Search of new contact information
  • Letters and SMS
  • Payment alternatives (instalment plan and commitments)

The main objectives of the collection actions are:

  • Checking the contact information
  • Identifying the reasons for defaulting
  • Identifying the existing problems which prevent the payment of arrears
  • Providing viable solutions in order to pay the outstanding amounts
  • Offering customised solutions depending on the type and degree of difficulty faced by people in default.