The acquisition of portfolios of non-performing receivables is one of the activities of utmost importance for GetBack Recovery.
We offer purchase of the not recovered debts for our clients in the banking, finance and telecom areas. Non-performing receivables may be in the stage of amicable recovery, as well as already vested with enforceable title, unsecured or secured with real or personal property.

The advantages you enjoy in the case of the sale of the portfolios of non-performing receivables to GetBack Recovery are

Professionalism and speed during the portfolios evaluation process.

Extensive expertise in recovering debts. We are market leaders in Poland.

Positive impact on the balance sheet.

Immediate transfer to your account of the price of each purchased portfolio.

A new cash flow and more time at your disposal for your main activity.

We guarantee the confidentiality of the information transmitted and the observance of the standards in the collection process.